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Selling During the Winter

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Cindy Crutcher

Selling During the Winter

Keep on Shoveling!

What is the first thing you do when there is a big snow? You shovel your driveway! But, let’s be honest. That’s all the shoveling you’re going to do, but as a seller, you should be doing more. When I say more, I mean shovel all your sidewalks- back and front ones. Potential buyers will not be entering your home in your garage as you will be. They will most likely be entering by walking on the front sidewalk. By shoveling the back sidewalks, it will make viewing the outside of your home more convenient to the potential buyers. Don’t miss a sale by having snowy inaccessible walkways.

Don’t be a winter Scrooge.

Winter time can be a very blah time for people with the grey skies, cold weather, and lack of colorful vegetation! Don’t be one of those sellers that fall into the winter blues! Keep your property’s curb appeal looking bright and cheery through those grey days. Add a colorful wreath to the door or a colorful figurine. Keeping your curb appeal happy during the dreary the weather will make the listing photos seem more inviting and will attract potential buyers.

Beating Seasonal Slowdown!

So, your next-door neighbor sold their same split floorplan for $250,000 this summer, but where are your buyers offering the same thing for your house this winter? The truth is, they are gone, but that doesn’t mean for you to get desperate and sell your home on the first offer you get. Just because open houses and showing have slowed down, does not mean that people are not still looking. The internet is a potent tool. Sell your home at fair value. Don’t let the winter slowdown push you into settling on a price.

Clean Your Windows.

During the winter, there aren’t leaves, flowers or vegetation to cover up the dirt and grime on your windows, and I am sure you have heard of spring cleaning. Well, now, there is fall cleaning! When your house is on the market, you want to maintain its appearance and cleanliness.

Keep the Listing Pictures Seasonal!

Yes, your house may look amazing in the summer, but if its December and buyers are looking at a full blown gorgeous landscape, they are going to wonder what is wrong with your house! Make sure to stay on top of your listing agent to take new pictures of your property!Make sure that your home has photographs in the current season. Buyers will want to see what their potential new home looks like in every season. The winter ground covered in snow. The spring flowers just beginning to bud.

Your Thermostat Matters.

Splurge a little! I understand that you want to save money on your utilities, but this is a must! Before a showing, turn the thermostat up to 68-72 degrees. These temperatures are a happy median for potential home-buyers. Why do I say temperature matters? Because if your home is too cold, buyers are not going to take the time to look at your home. They are going to run through it and get to their warm cars as fast as they can. You want your buyers to feel comfortable and relaxed while looking at your home. Make them envision themselves living there.


The worst thing you can do it deny access! I know that winter time can be busy with the holidays, parties, and get-togethers, but don’t let that stop you from allowing someone to see your house. By denying access, you are turning away a possible sale, and in the winter time, a potential seller can be few and far in between. Keep the house in a picked a manor, so that, you’re ready to show in a moment’s notice.

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